Need for a tree control

More complex controls with PowerApps are definitely needed, and maybe these will comes as the product continues to mature. One such control that is definitely needed and often used is a tree control.

At the moment to implement a tree within PowerApps we’re forced to cludge together nested galleries, however if you need greater than a two-level tree you’re out of luck and need to come up with another solution. I did spot someone’s solution albeit written in Japanese, sadly my understanding begins and ends with sushi.

I spent today desperately trying to get that third-level gallery to happen as the data I’m trying to show requires it. No joy sadly, however the site I was referencing did teach a few tricks I will take away for future reference, namely:

  • Items: rather than creating a collection, specifying the items via a GroupBy command and within also using the AddColumns command
  • The nested gallery specified its height to be calculated by the number of items multiplied by the template size. That said, this didn’t work for me so it may need tweaking to actually work.

Back to the drawing board.

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