Sticky sticky

After launching the latest update to the Support Desk app I was working in our section of the app, excited to the tickets list then re-entered to view this items data. The previous ticket I had updated its status to closed and this ticket just selected has a status of new, however it was restraining the previous ticket’s status; a bug was discovered.

With redeveloping the app I had swapped away from PowerApps forms as I needed to mix form elements from two SharePoint lists. Swapping over meant losing use of NewForm() that just resets everything for you, as I just discovered. I found it was best to apply resets to form elements as I exited the screen, using the screen’s OnHidden event, also applying first thing as I enter the screen via OnVisible, just for extra insurance.

Thankfully this was an easy fix and bug quashed. I hope they beef up forms functionality to support more complex builds.

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