But which version are you running?

Ever since swapping away from my 365 account at work to a service account for PowerApps development we’ve experienced issues. Most notably, Power Automate flows just seem to fail where previously they never did. So, I rebuild these flows using the Service Account, reconnect everything within the PowerApp, and things just work once more. The flow doesn’t have a single step changed, or any new connectors, just ownership.

One thing that truly irks me with PowerApps development is adding a flow to your app, why when doing this must Microsoft insist on wiping out all other codes from the formula bar? It’s seriously annoying, right? Having to remember to copy your code prior to insertion of a new flow truly sucks the big one.


I recently was forced to replace one flow that was used to handle approvals as it kept flaking out on me. In creating the new one under the service account I decided to turn off the old one as this would then indicate to me if someone was running a cached version, which occurred today.

I decided there needed to be a way to highlight to our users when we’d updated our app, something we could announce to them for comparison. I eventually discovered how to go about achieving this, firstly adding the PowerApps for App Makers component. Through this component you’re then able to discover data about apps, pulling this into a collection.

ClearCollect(GetApps,PowerAppsforMakers.GetAppVersions(Last(Filter(PowerAppsforMakers.GetApps().value,properties.displayName = "My Apps Name")).name));
Set(theVersion, Lookup(GetApps, First(GetApps.id), properties.appVersion))

I found when collecting the apps data for my app I was getting several rows returned, the last row contained the most recent published version. I then use a lookup to store this into a variable which I later use within a label for display. The version data displays date and time the app was last published, this makes it easier I think for users to identify whether they’re using an up to date release, version numbers I think have less meaning.

Sadly, I can’t get around the catching issue and must get users to remember to either clear their cache or force refresh to ensure they’ve the most recent version. I’m about to publish a much more substantial update to our service desk that incorporates:

  • Tabbed interface
  • Variable-height galleries with rich text support for comments
  • Introduction of private work notes for our team
  • Dynamic save button (mainly to accommodate the new tabs – I didn’t want multiple save buttons – bleh!)
  • Smarter forms for task assignment

Looking forward to deploying this new release, I think the team will enjoy using it.

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