Day 2: App in a day

I’m now half way through Microsoft’s App in a day training program that takes us through the basics of developing in PowerApps, Power Automate and Common Data Service.

Yesterday, we developed a basic canvas app in PowerApps that sourced data from an Excel spreadsheet. I must check out their spreadsheet as it appears to contain photos, would never think to store photos within a spreadsheet.

Today, we were introduced to Common Data Service (CDS), a premium service required if you’re planning to develop model-driven applications. My first exposure to CDS, it was interesting but all too brief, you could spend so much longer sinking your teeth into this product. Tomorrow, our journey into CDS continues as we develop a model-driven app.

It’s clear some in this online version of the class may be struggling with the 2-hour per day format, I’ve actually managed to complete all roughly 15 minutes or so ahead of time both days due to my familiarity with PowerApps.

Under the heading “you get them in every class”, we had several twits this morning log into yesterday’s meeting. Just add our presenter got underway he was interrupted by someone to say the techno laggards were logged into the past 🤦🏼 In sure these are the same people who throughout the lesson who interrupt saying: they can’t log into the lab; can he provide yesterday’s files as they can’t download; will today’s file be provided; as well as anything else to interrupt.

Sadly, I learned yesterday PowerBi won’t be covered within this version of the course, a pity as I really wanted to learn more about this app; another course perhaps.

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